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We assure the Quality, as it always matters…..
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Third party audits are considered to be the most efficient tool for analyzing any system prevailing in any organization for its growth & development or providing quality product/service to the ultimate consumer. This system of audit is utilized by almost all type of industries, as it is considered as the “non-biased system of auditing” having structure of exclusion for any direct or indirect involvement of the personnel at job with the auditee (organization).

There are number of criterion for selection of auditor(s)/auditor team, such as: expertise, professional competence and certification of the auditor (IRCA Certification etc.),so that the audit can be worthful for the organization in terms of improvement of the prevailing system, better outcomes with structural and supportive add-ons for growth & development via effective Risk Analysis & Risk Management.

We provide a balanced team for third party audits; comprising of two subject experts and one experienced auditor to look in to the system and suggest out-put based effectual & innovative ideas for the furtherance of an organization. We do have in-house training modules for formulating proficient & resourceful internal auditors that can support the system via timely analyzing the system and thus can contribute in the development of the organization.