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We assure the Quality, as it always matters…..
Commercialization of Research & Innovation

Consultancy Services

Our team is also providing their intellectual expertise through consultancy services in various fields to Industrial Organizations, Academic Institutions and Professionals in the fields such as:

Design & Development of Quality Management System:
For any type of product and service the parameter of success is "quality" and it is incorporated via well managed "Quality Management System". Our team of experts help in designing and developing such an efficient system of quality management for the organizations having plans for continual improvement, that can eventually help in improving the quality of product/service as per the requirement of the customer.

Pharmaceutical Product Development:
Pharmaceutical product development is a diversified field of designing an API into a finished product with elegance and acceptability for given population of consumers. It needs the skill of dosage form development & package designing together; two technical expertise working simultaneously resulting in to an intended product, with better market acceptability. It’s not just the matter of shaping a dosage form, but it is the process comprising of number of protocols for manufacturing, quality control, packaging, testing and storage of active component in the intended physical state; having all the attributes making it suitable for its intended utilization. This process of conversion utilizes various technical aspects of pharmaceutical importance, which in turn are governed by the regulatory authorities involved in the manufacturing & marketing of the pharmaceutical products; for which a manufacturer needs people with requisite qualification and capabilities. We at Qsol Services India Private Limited, provide consultancy services for development & marketing of Pharmaceuticals and herbal products.

Establishing Analytical/Testing Laboratories: 
We provide experienced assistance in establishing well designed analytical/testing laboratories in the form of lay-out designing, instrumentation, market opportunities, and many more. We do also provide Third party services for Herbal Drug Standardisation and pharmaceutical analysis, especially, U.V. Spectroscopy, I.R. Spectroscopy, HPLC, HPTLC, GC-MS,  GC-HS, ICP-OES, Particle size analysis etc.

Computer Aided Drug Design: 
We offer services in the field of Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD) for research via our experienced technical associates. In this segment of Molecular Drug Design, we take care of following specialized areas:
Structure-based Molecular Design which include techniques like Docking, Virtual Screening, Molecular Dynamics, using AMBER, Homology Modeling.
Ligand-based Molecular Design which include techniques like Pharmacophore Mapping, QSAR.
Other tools & techniques, especially, Geometry Optimization, Conformational Analysis along with some bioinformatic techniques like Sequence Analysis, etc.

Certification & Recognitions:
The process of certifications & recognitions involves inspection, vast documentation, audits &finance in the form of fee, which is sometimes found to be a bit expensive; that too can’t give any assurance of getting the desired outcome. To overcome this un-due situation, organization can have a mock inspection by the experts of concerned fields that can give result-worthy analysis of the facilities to be certified, prior to its filing and management may opt for improvements as needed.

Business  Plan Development & Portfolio Management:
Any business initiative needs the strong foundation of market research, business strategies, market planning, financial management, business forecast, market analysis etc. Every business venture whether small scale or medium scale is involving financial and human resource management for optimized out-put of all the resources, just like the large scale business endeavors; having specialized team of experts for market research & analysis, which is otherwise tough for the formers to hire. Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is another specialized field of strategic investments based up on the prevailing market opportunities & financial management. For restored investment returns & management of financial resources an organization must have an idea about its needs, prevailing resources, market threats and its strength. As the market is subjected to risk, so this portfolio of investing against the securities & market risk do require periodic review of the market followed by needful improvement changes in the portfolio. This process in totality is known as the PMS; services provided by the segment of experts having impression & expertise to understand the changing market trends.

Research Writing & Publications:
In this scenario of intellectual assets and their due protection, it is not always easier for an individual to handle the requisite technical data & frame a manuscript, data-sheet or simply a research write-up for the same. Our empanelled experts are providing assistance in designing research outcomes & their publications; as per the requisites of curriculum. We also offer services for designing research proposals, especially in the fields of Pharmaceutical and Biotechnological Sciences.