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Commercialization of Research & Innovation

Industry-Academia Interactive Research Edge (IAIRE)

In this era of “whole world on a single click” and creativity, the need of time is job oriented education with global enactment. Now days many of our institutes of national repute and industrial organizations are working on the mission of fulfilling each other’s need for their mutual development, but such efforts are not proven to be enough due to gaps in interaction. We are hereby trying to act as an interactive edge for sharing innovations & creations at both the ends via providing a common interface through collaborative research programs, industry defined research assignments, technical idea exchangeacts such as conferences, symposia etc. We also hope that such interfaces can lead to both way gain situation for industry as well as the young aspirants via hiring competent human resource and better job prospects, respectively.

Another feature of this interactive edge is the upgradation & commercialization of innovative & creative research carried by the researchers or an individual involved in academics; if any research is found to be of commercial worth then it will be either forwarded to industrial experts for its proper utilization for mutual benefits or for IPR protection with all due consent of the sole creator.