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We assure the Quality, as it always matters…..
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By nomenclature QMS stands for Quality Management System, but only for the enterprises/institutions /organizations having Quality Systems; for the quality concerned organizations, which are in the developing stage, the term QMS can be stated as Quality Making System. The system that can generate, check & deliver quality product(s)/service(s) pertaining to different fields of Technology, Sciences, Education etc.

QMS is always governing the quality via managerial act of controlling four basic “M” linked with any product/service providing organization and this system can thus be said as M4 Rule of QMS; these four M are:

  • M: Material
  • M: Method
  • M: Machine
  • M: Men

To assure the quality of a product/service the system involves various tools & practices,encompassing inspections & audits, either by some external or internal agencies; having requirements of well framed documents, providing each & every information of concern.

We at Qsol Services India Private Limited are offering solutions for developing Quality Management System for different types of industries/organizations/institutes and for the same we are having experts from different fields of Science, Technology & Education at our panel; having capabilities to design, develop & implement an efficient system for delivering quality.